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    TashMar Love
    Y'all are such an inspiration 🙌🏽 We're a new YouTube couple trying hard to grow our channel! We hope to be as successful as you guys☺️
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    Caitlin Hunter
    says she's posting new video, refreshes page every 2 secondsCOME ON, DOMO!
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    Tjaay Manukau
    I swear i come on here everyday hoping a new video is uploaded lol.
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    i love yall's channel! keep it up, please <3 <3 <3
    what happened guys!!!!!!!!!!!! Wheres the videos
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    lets go domo and crissy lets go wooh wooh!!!!!!!
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    Emily Rodriguez
    I cant wait to see Domonic
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    Sarahi Guerrero
    Waiting on a new vlog!!!!!
    what happened to the videos
    AjThe Tomboy
    Make another kissing challenge video part 2!! .....lol plz how to makeout video or whats u guys turn ons and turn offs.
    my brothers say Domoinic is ugly and your gay but i say Domonic is the cutest thing and your not gay
    Btw best channel ever :0
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    Sada Sesshomaru
    are yall going with a doctor, midwife or having doula, or all three? what of kind of birth are you planing , hospital, home or birthing center ?
    Aryanna Boyd!
    ayeeeeeeee my girls
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    TreVonia Davison
    Got my first referral for using headphones to watch Domo and Chrissy
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    _Queen Lynne_23
    Domo & Crissy.......... When is ur bby shower????
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    Mafia 3 Bossman E
    hi domo dont let the haters get to u all u got to do is shake the haters off your body plz reply back love u
    Marta Kluska
    yup i love you girls <3
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    taj alexandria
    wtf domo -_- yall need to stop doing whatever yall doing n post 2 videos. cause u missed one yesterday so
    x cee cee x mcc
    You girls are awesome yous make me smile xx
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