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    I love that you are vegan ♥
    Being a big fan of TBBT, admiring your achievements as an actress and a human being, myself being German by birth, Indian by citizenship, but basically just a human being wishing for a world without restrictions of religion or politics, a world of peace and prosperity without demons ruling, speaking from ♥ to ♥ i have to tell you i am admiring you for standing up like you did!! i am proud of you! Reading some of the hateful comments below i can imagine what you have to go through. The world needs stars like you. Sending you and yours positive thoughts and Love in abundance! ♥ Ma from Bangalore
    Rock -N- Ruin
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    BC Blades
    I am truly shocked at your stance on our president and your willingness to algn yourself with a religion that cuts off the heads of those not willing to convert. A religion where gays are stoned to death or thrown off buildings. A religion where women are chattel and girls can be married and forced to have "relations" with a man she didn't choose at a time in her life which she had no choice and at an age that she couldn't choose. Big bang theory was my families favorite show and now you have completely blown that for us. There is no way we can continue to watch and not think about you said and the position you've taken. I'm absolutely disturbed and baffled at your statements.
    Remo Ruine
    what a SNOWFLAKE !!!!!!! why is it all you dumb ass liberals are against democracy i use to think you were cool no i just see you as another moron and this is coming from a person that lives in a communist country (CANADA)
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    Seems your intellect from BBT hasn't quite translated to real life.
    Third Position
    Please gas yourself
    Robert Miller
    Trump is great = going to have to rethink my watching TBBT
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    ann kiszt
    Just want to send happy birthday greetings out to the smartest actress the world has ever enjoyed! I loved you as Blossom and I love you now as Mayim as well as Amy!
    Earle Ali
    Hey, I just wanted to say Hi! I remember seeing you in "Beaches" when it came out, your appearance on "Macgyver" and the "Blossom" years. I'm so amazed by how much you've accomplished off screen as well as on and I wanted to congratulate you on it all
    This could be handled without the animosity. An intelligent conversation showing facts works better than insults. From what I am reading here, many are right. In the Islam religion, Jews would be killed instantly. Women have no rights at all and in the Islamic religion, girls around the age of 6 or so are genitally castrated so when they marry, usually around 10 +, they will never experience pleasure. Genital castration is the removal of the clitoris and it is not done in hospitals. They usually hold the girl down and use a broken piece of glass. If a girl is raped, it's her fault and she will be stoned to death for being unclean. Women can not learn to read, write, drive and are allowed to be beaten. It's all in the Quran. If you are not part of the Islamic religion, you have the choice to join or be killed. Those are the only two options. If you are of the Islamic religion and want to opt out, it's not an option, it's a death sentence. I have been reading some of your vlogs Mayim, I am a geek as well. Just do googling or pick up the Quran and read it. The whole book is violence.
    yicl jol
    I used to watch the big bang. I will never watch it again having heard some of the ridiculous ill-informed comments you have made. Why can't people like you just accept that Trump was elected and for good reasons. He's not perfect as we all know, but Clinton belongs in jail and would have been far worse. One of the polices that trump got right is immigration and if you don't believe me come to Europe and see how the open border polices has degraded our city's, caused lawless areas to come about, check out the rapes that go on, especially in Sweden and OPEN YOUR FUCKING EYES!! I thought you were supposed to be clever? well start searching on you tube and educate yourself to whats really going on. Oh wait.. are you one of those liberals that will brush it all off as fake new?.. Don't be naive, the evidence is there and is overwhelming.
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    Vinícius Weiller dos Reis
    Hey. I love you for having your own youtube channel!!!! I just saw your video on science and religion and it was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen!! Our greatest minds should strive to have the vision you have. Thank you so much for that glimpse of brillance! I am a 33 year-old brazilian lawyer who always dreamt of living in the USA, and I am finally going to do it! I'm coming to California on 2018. And, guess what? I'm going to college again!!! Well, maybe a little too much about me. hehehe It's amazing to be able to see the real you, not the actor, but the person. And, I am stunned. You are, clearly, a lot more impressive than I could ever imagine. Congratulations on all your success! I hope one day I will be as successful as you. Have a nice weekend. Beijo do Brasuca muah
    You are literally the best friend I never had, but I've always wanted.
    Jasmine BP
    Hi Dr. Mayim Bialik, I really appreciate your work and empathy. I fell in love with Big Bang because it reminded me of my friends and the people I feel most comfortable around. Your addition in the sitcom has made my mother so nostalgic and has become a point of conversation when she show is on. I recently stumbled upon your channel here on youtube and your website. I wanted to say thank you for approaching intimacy with such thought. I weirdly feel connected to you in that you remind me of close friends of mine. I appreciate your kindness, your refusal to separate how you can be both religious and scientific, your honesty, vulnerability and bravery to put pieces of yourself on the internet. I am sorry people have used this platform and others to voice hate towards you. I know how painful that can be and no one deserves that. In summation, seriously thank you for being your authentic self and respecting who you are in all your nerdy awesomeness. Your willingness to share allows for countless others to feel connected and less alone. Sincerely, JBP
    More Vlogs please! I just found them today and have watched them all. Thoroughly enjoyable! :)
    nathan faust
    Mayim, you are one gorgeous lady. You probably get hit on more then a pinata on cinco de mayo. I love watching Big Bang Theory and have almost all the season series on DVD. I know what it like to be as popular as a porcupine at a balloon tying contest. That's pretty much my life. I was in the US Navy almost 8 years. And later graduated from college at 46. I was almost 8 years older then the school president himself and 4 years older to the day then one of my professors who taught alot of history classes that I took. Have a great day, Nate,
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    Karin Barone
    I am a teacher and I just shared your Hurts to be Different video with the parents of my students. I teach gifted kids in grades 4th-6th and they tend to struggle a lot with being different and not being able to relate to kids their own age. A parent already thanked me for sharing it with them. I was also able to relate to your thoughts personally. I've always felt like I was on the outside especially because I am a bit of an over achiever. Thank you for this channel and your videos.
    I have Jewish neighbors and we have a wall between us. Must me a anti-semetic fence! Die fucking Nazi fence!
    nathan faust
    How many lines do you have to memorize during each week? And is it really hard to remember so may lines?
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