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    The Clinton Shill Show!
    Hassan Khan
    Where are your Closer Looks for this week man. Been dying to watch them :( Its been almost 5 days since the last one
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    Kyle Ease
    That smile..that smile looks evil. 
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    Granola Gaye
    Seth sucks YUGE dick
    Sandy Hamburger
    I wonder if Seth Meyers actually reads what people put on here, hmmm...
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    Not Tired of Winning
    Fucking garbage.
    Congratulations Meyers. You went all in with your support of Crooked Hillary and mocked Trump with your lousy attempt at humor. Don't think we the silent majority didn't notice. Well, you lost the election and half your audience as well. Hopefully your TV slot will open up for somebody with talent. Go Trump!
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    The Banter
    Seth Meyers: Get the hell off of Late Night. Maybe, you should also spend a few weeks watching Johnny Carson, or Jay Leno. They'll show how it's supposed to be done. Your shitty talk show is a farce. A mere rip off of the worthless Comedy Channel. It's not humor. You're just trying to push your own political agenda.
    Jager VonKruger
    In "Mike Pence Pretends Donald Trump Isn't His Running Mate: A Closer Look" You chopped up clips of Mr.Trump and lied. This is why I don't watch Late Night anymore.
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    Hey Seth Meyers, have you been bought off by the Dems, or are you just a Dem yourself? I have to ask because of how heavy the bias is in your show.
    Dorothy Harrell
    GO AWAY!!!! We don't like you...
    Ashley Murphy
    Can't wait for your show Seth!!! <3
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    Nothing lasts forever, even a great show like Late Night. With hosts like Seth Meyers. I don’t think they could have picked a worst host. This show was doomed as soon as they chose Seth.
    Greg H
    Seth's Closer Look segments consistently run circles around the other late shows, slamming Trump with substance while the rest just impotently whine about him.
    Where are you guys?
    Hoilly Chan
    Hi everyone, why there is no new episode updated? Thank you ~~~
    Hassan Khan
    2 weeks without your closer looks. Really pissed :@
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    Shrikant Iyer
    You need to provide more longer harder closer looks man! You can't just take a week off! We're addicted!!!!!
    Graeme Walker
    where the hell is the Cenk Uygur video???
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    Said Abed
    I really like the show now. Seth has become awesome. I used to hate him sooooo much.