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    I fucking hate your damn commercials,quit advertising on YouTube!
    Dan DiLiberto
    Megan Kelly is the biggest bitch on TV Today. She only interested in furthering her carrier. I am for Bernie Sanders but she is the only one people are complaining about. Maybe its just her and none of others. I muust be the only one who thinks this Way?
    Jason Williams
    lol! You guys are trash
    Mac Hugo
    Edward Hayes
    I saw your contributor Bethany McClean on CNBC. I had worked for Wells Fargo up until my mothers brutal murder in San Francisco for 17 years. I often worked off the books seven days a week ten to twelve hour days. I went to them in October of 2013 warning them that they had this huge scandal and Warren Buffett was going to loose billions of dollars ($3 billion as it turned out) until the market rallied and now it is down to $52.12. This is only the tip of the iceberg they have more scandals to be revealed. I am deaf; do you think Bethany McClean could contact me; my only internet access is at the Reno library. My phone number is (775) 737-6226. Thank You.
    rick ardow
    "Whitney Houston's drug counselor & her private security man Jake Schmidt & Warren Boyd & Carrie Fisher's estate in a wrongful death of Amy Breliant according to Deadline, Michael Cieply, the judge agreed to seal Carrie Fisher's deposition till the trial."
    Joe Torres
    J Law is my 2 grand daughter's favorite star. I was looking foward to having them read millers article, until I read it WHY ALL THE F bombs
    I am vanity reincarnted what is this shit BOOOOM
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    Daniel Kelley
    Sarah Ellison, I am the NRA. I am just a common man, but, NRA represents me. We don't need gun control, we need people control. A lot of the shootings that you wrote about, especially the ones by Muslims, happened since the Dimocrats installed the sewage swilling rat, Obama, in the White House. I believe that you are a liberal just wanting to write a negative narrative on the NRA. Without NRA The Sewer King Obama would probably be taking all legal firearms, just like what happened in Australia. Look at the mass murders, most happened in gun free zones. You damned liberals don't write about instances where guns have been used to save lives.
    Laura Bradley is a horrible writer who is incapable of seeing reason through her Feminist bias.
    Anthony Peters
    Disabled Combat Veteran In Need of Assistance https://www.gofundme.com/HelpTony2015
    Jan Johnson
    Dear Ms. Robinson: You can try all you want in making Rhianna look like something she says she's not. Her videos say it all. Unless she's an MK Ultra sex kitten. You will know a person by their fruit. Her fruit stinks.
    HI there ,you have been bombarding us lately with Trump,the Pope and …this religious women whit no position  or interest. Please check the parody from: See U Next Tuesday,on YT from yesterday,they did more  to open minds then your magazine in the last week, on how much junk can we take  from the media. They deserve to be known.The quality of the irony of this group is very interesting. Also,fashion wise….lately. Let's talk of the personal grooming of the candidates and the implication of the marketing firms,a good example,hum... Justin Trudeau,on YT,with is bad fitted shirt,,like nobody care or seen it. ?? So,keep me interested,with fresh,modern views on actuality. Not a boring " tasteful "commercial recap,Controversy is a avenue  to explore  much further.Dare to be VF.
    Miccoli Official
    Ciao Vanity Fair Come check us out.....we are a sibling band called 'Miccoli'. We write songs from the heart. miccoli music Oct 02, 2015 03:38:47
    Yooo!! I saw that you like new music, maybe you've heard my song Jordan Belfort? Come check out my other music and support a new artist!
    Jerry Roberts
    The media attention to that freak of nature is total B.S.   It's a total waste of good bandwidth to give an attention whore freak like that any coverage.   There are many MORE IMPORTANT things to be discussing.  I personally know other freaks who have disfigured their bodies, some as long as 10 years ago and they are still screwed in the head and they are miserable.   God have mercy on their souls.
    Eman Resu
    Could you people stop making misinformed articles about game of thrones?????  God I hate vanity fair.
    Hey! This is so awesome, I really enjoyed this. Hope to see more! Just subscribed. Hope you subscribe back!
    John Maccer
    Yay VF i love you guys!
    Hey Vanity Fair!!  How about a doing a piece on Dame Shirley Bassey! She brought the house down two yrs ago at the Oscars and she is one of the last truly great belters in the style of Garland, Merman and Lupone. Alot of your readers can still remember what great live stage talent was like..So give us a taste once again! Thanks Dan in San Diego!